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Welcome Lunch

Our next welcome lunch is scheduled for May 1st.  If you are new, please join us immediately after 2nd service (12:15 pm) for lunch so we can get to know each other better.  Childcare is provided if needed.  Sign up at the information desk.

Current Sermon Series: 2 Peter

“Peter’s first letter dealt with persecution from outsiders. This second letter concerns dangers within the church itself, from false teachers and those who fail to take the Scriptures seriously. The great value of 2 Peter is found in the apostle’s call to resist false teaching by growth in godliness, while we await the promised return of Jesus Christ.” (Lawrence O. Richards).  A possible outline for the book is:


I.  The key to growth (chapter one);

II.  The answer to error (chapter two);

III.  The certain judgment to come (chapter three)


As we study through 2 Peter, we’ll be looking at topic such as how to be effective and productive in our spiritual life; the authority of the Bible; false teachers and fallen angels; the second advent; God’s patience; connection between our present conduct and future judgment; and growth in grace and knowledge of Jesus.